Friday, February 27, 2015

Tomashevsky Wins Tbilisi Grandprix 2015

(bahasa Indonesia di bawah)
The first FIDE Grandprix in 2015 just finished in Tbilisi, Georgia. GM Evgeny Tomashevksy turns out the deserved winner of this event with his consistency right from round 1. The top guy such as Alexander Grischuk, who begin the tournament as world #2 with 2810 elo rating, did not make any buzz and quite under performed with just 5/11 result. Grischuk in the final round must drop to world #5 and 2793 live rating. Anish Giri also barely finished 5.5/11 and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave must also satisfied with 5/11.

On other hand, Jobava Baadur is one of the must watch guy in the tournament. His antique plays save this tournament from being dull and bore (there are so many draws). Though Jobava's eccentric opening and tactical manuever must costed him some games, he seemingly able to beat the "red-move" and won some nice games.  Mamedyarov, Leineir Dominguez and Peter Svidler are some of his victims, as well Rustam Kasimdzhanov who bizarrely saved from final lost position and get a draw. The netizen now called Jobava  Baadur mr."Red Moves".

Partai Catur Rustam Kashimdzanov vs Jobava Baadur 1/2-1/2, Tbilisi 2015

Tbilisi FIDE Grandprix 2015 , Final standings:
1. Tomashevsky Evgeny 8
2. Jakovenko Dmitry
3. Radjabov Teimour 6
4. Kasimdzhanov Rustam
5. Dominguez Perez Leinier
6. Giri Anish
7. Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
8. Grischuk Alexander 5
9. Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 5
10. Jobava Baadur 5
11. Svidler Peter
12. Andreikin Dmitry 4

Back to Tomashevksy, he just jump to the first position in overall FIDE Grandprix 2014-2015 series:

2014-2015 FIDE Grandprix Standing after Tbilisi:

 Evgeny Tomashevsky (RUS)

 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (AZE)

 Fabiano Caruana (ITA)

 Teimour Radjabov (AZE)

 Hikaru Nakamura (USA)

 Dmitry Andreikin (RUS)

 Dmitry Jakovenko (RUS)

 Boris Gelfand (ISR)

 Sergey Karjakin (RUS)

 Rustam Kasimdzhanov (UZB)

 Alexander Grischuk (RUS)

 Baadur Jobava (GEO)

 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FRA)

 Anish Giri (NED)

 Peter Svidler (RUS)

 Leinier Dom√≠nguez (CUB)


FIDE Grandprix Tbilisi 2015, won by Tomashevsky, official website

Turnamen catur seri grandprix yang digelar di kota Tbilisi, Georgia, akhirnya usai dengan posisi puncak dimenangkan oleh pecatur Rusia, Evgeny Tomashevsky. Turnamen ini akan menentukan dua kursi pecatur untuk bertarung di turnamen Kandidat menantang juara dunia. Dengan kemenangan di Tbilisi ini, Evgeny Tomashevsky langsung meloncat ke posisi pertama klasemen total grandprix ini. Tomashevksy bersama Mamedyarov berada di posisi 1 dan 2 klasemen gabungan ini. Seri terakhir akan berlangsung di Khanty-Mansiysk.

Di Tbilisi ini selain Tomashevksy yang menjadi bintang, kita juga menyaksikan aksi seru dari pecatur tuan rumah Jobava Baadur. Pecatur yang sekarang dijuluki si "Langkah Merah" ini muncul sebagai tontonan partai catur paling seru ditonton. Jobava disebut si "Langkah Merah" karena langkah-langkahnya yang kerap melawan evaluasi komputer (warna merah di Chessbomb), namun tetap bisa menang karena lawan-lawannya juga kerap tidak mampu memahami posisinya. Setidaknya tiga pecatur menjadi korban si Jobava yaitu Mamedyarov, Peter Svidler dan Leiner Dominguez. Di babak 10, Rustam Kasimdzanov hampir juga menjadi korbannya, namun mereka sepakat remis di posisi terakhir di mana harusnya Jobava bisa menekan untuk menang. Lihat partai catur di atas.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wesley So Wins Bunratty Chess Master 2015

Wesley So appeared to wins the drinking contest at Bunratty, according to reliable source.

The tournament is held at famous Bunratty Castle Hotel in Ireland. Grandmaster Wesley So is found enjoying his high time over there. The other drink grandmaster participated in this tournament is England's Nigel Short, Alexander Baburin (of the famous online daily drink newspaper), Gawain Jones and some others. Wesley So emerged as winner after six round of contest in the Master category, making history of the first Philippines to won this event, maybe also the first US-flag player to win as well.

Bunratty Master 2015, final standings:
1. GM So, Wesley 5
2. GM Short, Nigel 4.5
3. GM Pert, Nick 4.5
4. GM Wells, Peter 4.5
5. GM Lalic, Bogdan 4.5
6. GM Jones, Gawain C. 4
7. GM Hebden, Mark 4
8. GM Norwood, David 4
9. GM Baburin, Alexander 4
10. IM Rendle, Thomas 4
full result on official Website

Strangely, live rating website did not recorded any additional rating for Wesley So, maybe the Master event was un-rated tournament. Wesley So maintained his FIDE (Federation of International Drinking Entities) 2788 live rating from his Tata Steel Chess 2015 event.

The other category is Bunratty Classics 2015, a 9-rounds swiss of ten drinkers that was won by IM Bjorn Thorffinsson. It's also seems that Ireland still need to wait for next chance to have their first home brew grandmaster, as local hero IM Sam Collins seemingly failed to get his required GM-norm, he required 6.5/9 result as opposed to his 3.0/9.

Bunratty Classic 2015, final standings:

1. IM Bjorfinnsson, Bjorn 2373 7
2. IM Trent, Lawrence 2470 5
3. GM Maze, Sebastien 2585 4.5
4. IM D'Costa, Lorin 2430 4.5
5. FM Tan, Justin 2383 4.5
6. IM Collins, Sam 2491 4
7. GM Galego, Luis 2461 4
8. IM Thorfinnsson, Bragi 2432 4
9. IM Hunt, Adam 2428 4
10. GM Williams, Simon 2434 3.5

See the game of GM Wesley So vs GM Alexander Baburin in this instructive Queen's Gambit Declined game. Both player fight in a very tactical contest.

Partai Catur GM Wesley So vs GM Alexander Baburin, 1-0, Bunratty Master 2015
Queen's Gambit Declined / Gambit Menteri Ditolak

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hikaru Nakamura Wins Zurich Chess Challenge 2015

(bahasa Indonesia di bawah)
Chess super tournament in Zurich is concluded. This super tournament, category 22, was declared won by Hikaru Nakamura.  After five rounds of rapid section, turns out both Nakamura and Anand got the same points, that is when classical time control and rapid result combined.  In the end,  Nakamura wins Zurich Chess Challenge 2015 in dramatic way actually, by Armageddon match against Vishy Anand. Nakamura thus won his second tournament trophy, after he clinched Gibraltar Open weeks earlier.

In this tournament, Anand gives a good impression by playing solidly, finished respectively #1 in classical time control. Kramnik got a "good" result. Aronian and Caruana again both under-performed. Both are playing their third super tournament for 2015, after Tata Steel Chess and Grenke's Baden-Baden. Lastly, Sergey Karjakin is suffered as point giver in this event.

In Armageddon session, Nakamura is playing black side, Anand is white. The game went in Queen's Gambit Declined, Alatorstsev variation 4.Nf3.

Zurich Chess Challenge should also noted for having combined classical and rapid result to decided the main prize. This tournament played in three different time control, blitz, classical and rapid. Here's how things works actually:

Classical Game, Zurich 2015 Final Standings:
1. Viswanathan Anand - 3.5
2. Hikaru Nakamura - 3.0
3. Vladimir Kramnik - 2.5
4. Fabiano Caruana - 2
5. Sergey Karjakin - 2
6. Levon Aronian - 2
points counted multiple by two in combined standings

Zurich Rapid  2015 Final Standings:
1. Vladimir Kramnik - 3.5
2. Levon Aronian - 3
3. Hikaru Nakamura - 3
4. Sergey Karjakin - 2
5. Vishwanathan ANand - 2
6. Fabiano Caruana - 1.5

Zurich Blitz  2015, Final Standings:
1. Levon Aronian - 4
2. Fabiano Caruana - 3.5
3. Viswanathan Anand - 3.5
4. Hikaru Nakamura - 2
5. Vladimir Kramnik - 1
6. Sergey Karjakin - 1
points not counted in combined standings

Overall Zurich Chess Challenge 2015, Final Standings:
1. Hikaru Nakamura - 9 (won by Armageddon round)
2. Viswanathan Anand - 9
3. Vladimir Kramnik - 8.5
4. Levon Aronian - 7
5. Fabiano Caruana - 6
6. Sergey Karjakin - 5.5

Anand vs Nakamura, Zurich 2015, Armageddon tie break game

Super turnament catur di kota Zurich, Swiss berakhir dengan pecatur Hikaru Nakamura memboyong gelar juara satu. Turnamen yang diikuti enam pecatur top dunia ini digelar dalam tiga tipe waktu. Pertama-tama adalah waktu pikir blitz, alias catur kilat. Di sesi ini Levon Aronian dari Armenia yang tampil sebagai jagoan. Lalu di sesi paling bergengsi, catur klasik, walaupun hingga babak 3 Hikaru Nakamura terlihat cukup menjanjikan, namun di ronde empat dia kalah melawan Anand. Sehingga peringkat satu di sesi catur klasik inipun jatuh ke tangan Vishy Anand. Terakhir adalah sesi catur cepat, di mana kekuatan cukup merata. Tiga pecatur, Aronian, Nakamura dan Kramnik lebih unggul dari tiga rival mereka, Anand, Caruana dan Karjakin. 

Kedua hasil peringkat di catur klasik dan catur cepat pun digabung, poin dari catur klasik dikalikan dua, dan menghasilkan dua pecatur, Anand dan Nakamura saling berbagi poin. (Lihat tabel peringkat di atas). Dengan situasi ini, Anand dan Nakamura harus main lagi di sesi penentuan, yaitu catur kilat Armagedon. Di catur Armagedon ini, putih main lima menit dan hitam empat menit, dengan pur kalau remis, hitam dinyatakan menang. Anand memegang buah putih dan Nakamura hitam. Dengan pertempuran partai catur di pembelaan Gambit Menteri DItolak, Nakamura berhasil lebih duluan menyamperin wilayah musuh, walaupun Anand berusaha menusuk-nusukkan bidaknya ke sayap raja hitam. Nakamura pun dinyatakan sebagai pemenang keseluruhan turnamen catur Zurich Chess Challenge ini. 

Dengan kemenangan ini, Hikaru Nakamura menambah koleksi tropi di tahun 2015, sebelumnya sudah mengantongi gelar juara Gibraltar Open 2015. Anand cukup menjanjikan, hasil bagus urutan pertama di catur klasik Zurich adalah pertanda dia masih tetap pecatur top dunia. Kramnik mendapat hasil yang lumayan. Dua pecatur yang mantan peringkat dua dunia, Fabiano Caruana dan Aronian kembali tampil kurang maksimal, kedua pecatur ini main non stop dari Tata Steel Chess 2015 dan juga Grenke Chess Classic 2015. Sedangkan buntut Sergey Karjakin harus bekerja keras agar tidak terlalu kentara sebagai sansak rival-rivalnya, Karjakin juga pecatur muda asal Ukrainia yang pindah ke Rusia.

Berikut partai catur seru di ronde Armageddon,
Vishwanatan Anand vs Hikaru Nakamura 0-1, Zurich 2015
Queen's Gambit Declined - Gambit Menteri Ditolak

Monday, February 16, 2015

Anish Giri and Hikaru Nakamura 2800 in Tblisi and Zurich 2015

(ulasan bahasa Indonesia di bawah)

This is surely the week of 2800. First Anish Giri achieved in from a win against Peter Svidler in FIDE Grandprix Tblisi 2015. He become the ninth person on the planet to ever passed chess rating of 2800. A day later, US chess player as we known, Hikaru Nakamura made it look easy to get 2800 by defeating Sergey Karjakin in round 3 Zurich Chess Challenge 2015.

We are not only celebrating 10 players that ever cross this mark, but I think, this is also the only week where we have five chess players with 2800 elo in live rating. Check chess live rating, February 17th 2015:

List of best rating ever by chess player:

Highest Ever Live Chess Ratings

Zurich Chess Challenge are on going, after 3 rounds, Hikaru Nakamura stayed on top standing. He is on the top form, continuity from Gibraltar 2015, get 2.5/3, with Vishy Anand on 2/3. In round 3 Hikaru defeated Sergey Karjakin in an opening battle, where the line should have been drawn, but Karjakin just simply forget the theory. Previously, Aronian also fell into opening preparation by Anand.

On other note, Viktor "Terrible" Korchnoi and Wolfgang Ulhmann played inspiring chess with 100% decisive results. Four rounds of rapid play being held, and the score is 2-2, both player won 2 games.

In FIDE Grandprix Tblisi 2015, it's still early to see who exception in this 12 players event. Tomashevsky, Grischuk and Anish Giri are players with 1.5/2.

pecatur top lagi menikmati musik gitar di Zurich 2015

Dua turnamen catur kelas dunia sedang berlangsung di minggu ke-3 Februari 2015 ini. Pertama adalah turnamen super kuat di Swiss bernama Zurich Chess Challenge. Dengan enam pemain super kuat, Anand, Nakamura, Kramnik, Caruana, Karjakin dan Aronian, turnamen ini hanya bisa dibilang kurang Carlsen saja. Di turnamen ini Hikaru Nakamura menembus rating catur 2800 setelah mengalahkan pecatur Rusia  Sergey Karjakin. DI partai catur pembukaan Inggris ini, Nakamura memperlihatkan bahwa dia juga mengerti pembukaan catur secara mendalam dengan menjalankan langkah-langkah teori dengan akurat.  Cukup seru karena line yang dijalankan sebenarnya sudah diketahui jawabannya, dan mengarah ke remis. Sayangnya, seperti di twiter oleh Karjakin, dia lupa dengan urutan dan harus masuk ke medan pertempuran yang gelap dan ganas dengan buah buah catur bertebaran. Walaupun putih nampak dijepit hingga harus mengungsi ke petak a2, namun teorinya di line ini, putih punya inisiatif dan material yang cukup untuk menang. Hingga ronde 3, Nakamura kembali memimpin klasemen. Ini adalah moment di mana Nakamura sedang "on", setelah dengan mudah memenangkan open turnamen di Gibraltar awal bulan ini. 

Standing after round 3, Zurich Chess Challenge 2015:
1. Hikaru Nakamura - 2.5
2. Vishwanathan Anand - 2
3. Vladimir Kramnik - 1.5
4. Levon Aronian  - 1
5. Fabiano Caruana - 1
6. Sergey Karjakin - 1

Di turnamen ini, dua pecatur gaek jadul era '70an juga ikutan berlaga. Grandmaster kawakan Viktor "Terrible" Korchnoi berhadapan dengan musuh jadulnya, grandmaster Wolfgang Ulhmann. Keduanya bermain di catur cepat 4 babak dan berakhir cukup happy ending, masing-masing menang 2 kali. Score 2-2 untuk laga catur jadul ini.

Lihat partai catur Hikaru Nakamura vs Sergey Karjakin, 1-0 , Zurich round 3 2015
Pembukaan Inggris / English Opening 

Di turnamen lainnya, yaitu FIDE Grand Prix di kota Tbilisi, Georgia, dua belas pecatur terjun untuk merebut juara grand prix sekaligus tiket untuk tampil di turnamen kandidat catur. Anish Giri membuat berita utama dengan menjadi pemain ke-9 yang meraih live rating 2800, sehari sebelum Hikaru Nakamura menjadi orang ke-10 dalam hal ini. Anish Giri mengalahkan Peter Svidler dengan buah hitam. Selanjutnya hingga ronde 2, hanya tiga pecatur yang memperoleh point 1.5, Anish Giri, Alexander Grischuk dan Evgeny Tomashevsky. Turnamen Grandprix ini akan berlangsung 11 ronde.

Standing after round 2, FIDE Grand Prix 2015 Tbilisi:
1. Grischuk Alexander 2810 RUS 1½
2. Tomashevsky Evgeny 2716 RUS 1½
3. Giri Anish 2797 NED 1½
4. Kasimdzhanov Rustam 2705 UZB 1
5. Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2759 AZE 1
6. Andreikin Dmitry 2737 RUS 1
7. Jakovenko Dmitry 2733 RUS 1
8. Dominguez Perez Leinier 2726 CUB 1
9. Radjabov Teimour 2731 AZE 1
10. Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 2775 FRA ½
11. Svidler Peter 2739 RUS ½
12. Jobava Baadur 2696 GEO ½

Partai Catur Peter Svidler vs Anish Giri, 0-1, Grand Prix Tbilisi 2015
Pembukaan Reti / Gambit Menteri Ditolak

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Komentar Partai Catur Karpov vs Kasparov 1985 Pembelaan Sisilia

Hadir kembali di komentar partai catur klasik dunia. Setelah menampilkan tiga partai catur dari pembelaan Sisilia (lihat McShane vs Short, Anand vs Kasparov, Movsesian vs Kasparov), maka tiba saatnya melihat satu partai klasik pembelaan Sisilia, tiada lain dari partai dwitarung catur Anatoly Karpov vs Garry Kasparov tahun 1985.

Partai Anatoly Karpov vs Garry Kasparov ini sangat terkenal. Ini adalah partai / game ke-16 dari dwitarung mereka yang kedua di tahun 1985. Seperti diketahui dwitarung Karpov vs Kasparov yang pertama di tahun 1984 berlangsung begitu sengit sampai 48 babak dan harus dihentikan oleh FIDE, dengan posisi Karpov unggul 5-3. Dwitarung ke-dua ini berlangsung di Moscow. Di partai ke-16 lah, Garry Kasparov akhirnya unggul dari posisi 2-2, dan untuk seterusnya tidak terkejar. Di dwitarung ke-dua inilah Garry Kasparov berhasil merebut juara dunia catur dengan score 13-11 melawan Anatoly Karpov. Seperti diketahui, selanjutnya selama bertahun-tahun Kasparov harus meladeni Karpov dalam tiga dwitarung lagi, total ada 5 dwitarung yang ditakdirkan untuk mereka berdua.

Chess match Karpov vs Kasparov 

Di partai ke-16 ini, Kasparov memilih pembelaan Sisilia yang selanjutnya berkembang menjadi variasi Taimanov. Walau demikian, dengan langkah 8...d5!?, Kasparov keluar dari mainline variasi ini. Ini adalah partai yang terkenal di mana Anatoly Karpov yang genius di style positional bisa begitu pasif dicengkram permainan buah-buah Kasparov. Mari kita saksikan partai catur seru ini. (Game viewer ini lebih lancar dilihat menggunakan desktop/laptop, tidak terlalu lancar di android.)

Partai Catur Pembelaan Sisilia Taimanov
Anatoly Karpov vs Garry Kasparov, 0-1, Moscow WCH 1985
B44 Sicilian Taimanov, Szen, Kasparov Gambit

Garry Kasparov, on Modern Chess Part II
Yasser Seirawan, Winning Chess Brilliancies
Igor Stohl, Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Part II
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Magnus Carlsen Wins GRENKE Chess 2015

(ulasan Bahasa Indonesia di bawah)
The GRENKE Chess Classic 2015 was -almost not- won by Magnus Carlsen, after Arkadij Naitditsch continued to put obstacles to the world champion's path to champion. Playing after seven rounds, Magnus Carlsen drew against Etienne Bacrot put his point the same as Naiditsch, who also drew David Baramidze in this round. The GRENKE Chess Classic 2015 highest council in Baden-Baden then activated the tie-break law. Both players, Carlsen and Naiditsch, summoned for couple of extra blitz games, so that only one man standing in the last.

Two 10 minutes blitz games was equally won by both Carlsen and Naiditsch, then two 5 minutes bullet games was equally draw by them yet again. Luckily there is one more games, the holy Armageddon games to play. Carlsen get the white piece in opposite to Naiditsch with black, where he enjoy special draw-is-win spell. Alas, this is where the story end, Carlsen won the Armageddon game played in Sicilian defence thus claiming his second major chess tournament in 2015. To remind everyone, TATA Steel Chess 2015 is Carlsen's first trophy in 2015.

The other six players have different stories. Michael Adams is third-fourth place, winning the last games against Vishy Anand, and also David. Same as what happened in London 2014, Adams continued to show he can managed the big boy's tournament with respective result. Fabiano Caruana is third-fourth place, only won 'easy' game vs Levon Aronian, he is on his second 'average' tournament result in a row, after Tata Steel Chess 2015. Levon Aronian, also comes with 'average' result, but won one nice game vs Vishy Anand. Etienne Bacrot, undefeated and draw all his seven games. Vishy Anand, surprisingly bad result frankly, usually Vishy is a strong round robin tournament, but this event is not his best moment. David Baramidze in the last place, well, he is hundred more points below his closest competitor, so must said, it is predicted result.

-Grenke Chess Classic 2015 is yet another super tournament with absent of Russian players, something that familiar to post-2010s chess era.
-Grenke chess Classic 2015 participants all eight from different countries
- Magnus Carlsen won the title but according to Live Rating, he is lost -2.1 point.
- Fabiano Caruana joined the tournament as world number 2, when the tournament finished, he is down to number 3 due to his results here. Alexander Grischuk up to world number 2 without playing a game.

Grenke Chess Classic 2015 - Final Standing
1. GM Carlsen Magnus 2865 NOR 4½ + 3
2. GM Naiditsch Arkadij 2706 GER 4½ + 2
3. GM Adams Michael 2738 ENG 4
4. GM Caruana Fabiano 2811 ITA 4
5. GM Aronian Levon 2777 ARM 3½
6. GM Bacrot Etienne 2711 FRA 3½
7. GM Anand Viswanathan 2797 IND 2½
8. GM Baramidze David 2594 GER 1½
Official website

Magnus Carlsen vs Arkadij Naiditsch, Grenke Classic 2015 tie break

World Number 1 Magnus Carlsen vs World Number 2 Fabiano Caruana
Grenke Chess Classic 2015

Magnus Carlsen, sang juara dunia catur dekade ini kembali merebut gelar turnamen bergengsi GRENKE Chess Classic 2015 di Baden-Baden Jerman. Di babak ketujuh, Magnus Carlsen hanya bisa meraih draw melawan Etienne Bacrot dari Prancis, walaupun posisinya sempat menguntungkan. Hasil ini membuat point Magnus Carlsen sama dengan kompetitor terdekatnya, pecatur Arkadij Naiditsch dari Jerman. Dengan demikian acara duel ronde tie-break pun dilakukan. Magnus Carlsen dan Arkadij Naiditsch, yang pernah mengalahkan Carlsen dua kali beruntun, main 2 partai catur kilat 10 menit, yang masing-masing dimenangkan kedua pemain. Hasil ini membuat mereka harus main lagi 2 partai catur 5 menitan, yang masing-masing draw. Di partai penentu terakhir adalah partai catur Armageddon, putih 6 menit dan hitam 5 menit, hitam akan menang kalau hasil draw. Magnus Carlsen memegang buah putih dan berhasil mengalahkan Naiditsch. Hasil inilah yang mengukuhkan  Magnus Carlsen berhak mendapatkan trophi juara satu Grenke Chess Classic ini.

Ini adalah kemenangan kedua Magnus Carlsen di dua turnamen kuat yang diikuti, sebelumnya Carlsen sudah memenangkan Tata Steel Chess 2015 di Wijk aan Zee Belanda. Di turnamen ini, beberapa pecatur kuat lainnya tidak terlalu menonjol. Levon Aronian dan Fabiano Caruana tampil biasa saja. Michael Adams dari Inggris yang cukup menggembirakan, mengalahkan Vishy Anand di ronde 7. Vishy Anand sendiri tampil buruk, tidak seiring prestasinya yang biasa baik di turnamen antar pemain ini. Lihat tabel urutan juara di atas.

Berikutnya Vishwanathan Anand, Levon Aronian dan Fabiano Caruana akan tampil lagi di lagi-lagi turnamen super kuat Zurich Chess Challenge 2015. Hikaru Nakamura, Vladimir Kramnik dan Sergey Karjakin akan ikutan nimbrung di situ. Sampai ketemu di liputan catur berikutnya...

Partai Catur Kilat Magnus Carlsen vs Arkadij Naiditsch , Grenke Chess Classic 2015 Baden-Baden tie break

2 x 10 Minutes Round

2 x 5 Minutes Round

Armageddon Round
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